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Welcome to the Videography page of the web site and thanks much for stopping by!

Here you will find tips and tricks I have learned to take better videos along with recommendations for camcorders and accessories, video editing software, etc., as well as some videos and links to videos.

Videography is one of the main things I am focusing on and always trying to improve so I am hoping I can pass along some of the things I have learned, am learning and, since learning never really ends, bring you new things I learn when the time comes.

For starters, I would recommend anybody who enjoys taking pictures and sharing them in various ways consider adding videography to your bag of tricks. Camcorders are so much cheaper now and take so much better video with the advent of HD that it just seems to make sense to combine photography and videography, at least to me.

I would say the advent of digital cameras was a revolution to photography. Digital cameras was a revolution in photography for me because it made an amateur like me, a photographer as a hobby rather than a profession, more able to take good pictures just by virtue of the fact that it enabled me to take lots of pictures rather than worrying about making each one perfect in order to not waste film.

With digital I was able to just take quite a few pictures of each subject and then simply take my pick of which was best later. For me at least that made me end up with some occasional great pictures.

In fact, that approach is partially what got me started trying to take pictures of lightning. The full story is on my home page.

Now that hard drives are cheap and huge and the whole process is much more accessible to the average person like me it is easy (in my opinion at least) to do much the same with videography.

In other words, even a beginner like me can take lots of video and then use video editing software to chop out the bits that are the best parts and actually have a video worth watching.

I wouldn’t say I am a professional videographer at this point but I would say I am a videographer and I have learned a lot so far and I am learning more fast. I don’t claim to be an expert but I do want to help others learn what I have learned and hopefully enjoy taking and editing videos as much as I have.

Look for much more to come on this and every other page.


Some of my lightning videos:


Fast moving lightning storm with time lapse and slow motion clips.


Lockwood lightning.


Cool looking (I thought) lightning strike with slow motion clip.


Night lightning with slow motion and still.


Anvil lightning (I believe that is what type it is, correct me if I am wrong) with slow motion.


One of the first videos I captured of lightning. This was a very active lightning storm on 07/07/07.


For these and more videos check out my YouTube channel here.


Much much more to come!
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